15 Hottest Hairstyles with Bangs for Square Faces

Hairstyles with Bangs for Square Faces

Consider yourself fortunate if you have a square face. Strong, angular jawlines may be found on some of history’s most iconic faces. Square-faced people are thought to age gracefully and take some of the greatest shots. However, having a square face has its drawbacks, one of which is figuring out how to arrange your hair to highlight your greatest features.

The Most Appropriate Bangs for Your Face Shape?

Bangs are one of those haircuts that may completely transform your appearance, especially when you consider the many forms of bangs. It’s no surprise that discussing whether or not to have them has become a symbol (or even a parody) of a major life change—after all, who hasn’t texted “Should I get bangs?” to everyone in their contacts after a breakup?

Bangs may completely modify your face shape and play up your greatest features, as well as fulfill that craving for a change. Soft, wispy bangs, for example, can help balance out sharper jawlines, while dramatic side bangs can give fuller features more dimension.

We researched the best practical bangs for women with square faces and made a list of magical life-changing hairstyles you will love. Of course, don’t feel obligated to follow these examples, just consider them for inspiration.

1. Bangs and Long Beach Waves

This bangs proves that reducing your bangs will make it easier for you to get a great appearance with less effort. What is the best way to style? It’s identical to the one before it, but without the massive hair extensions. If your hair is layered and styled, messing it up and chopping the bangs might draw attention to your face shape in a positive way.

Hairstyles with Bangs for Square Faces

2. Olivia Wilde medium length waves with bangs

Layers have been added to the mid-lengths to ends of this soft and sensual ‘do to give it movement and form, making it best suited for persons with long faces. At the 15th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards, Olivia Wilde opted for a traditional haircut. Her lengthy layers were shown off by draping her gorgeous curls over one shoulder. This amazing hairdo is suitable for all hair types and is ideal for any special event. This look will last all day with the aid of the correct items.

Hairstyles with Bangs for Square Faces

3. Bob with straight bangs

Women with square features who want to mask wrinkles on their foreheads are generally drawn to bobs with bangs. How to Style: Allow the straight bangs to cover the forehead while giving the wearer a younger and more lively appearance. Women’s classic bob with bangs to frame their facial shape.

Hairstyles with Bangs for Square Faces

4. Bold Pixie with long side swept bangs

Making your lob hair with side-swept bangs wavy can provide volume and dimension to your face, which is especially important for square-faced people. Curl your lovely locks loosely and let them fall freely. This will reduce the sharpness of your face and make you appear dreamy and comfortable. Isn’t it ideal for every situation?

Hairstyles with Bangs for Square Faces

5. Retro frontal bangs

Retro is always in vogue. Pinup styles are both old and modern, and they look fantastic. These bangs are so classic that once you try them, you’ll fall in love with them right away. What is the best way to style? This square face bangs has to be maintained. Make sure your bangs don’t go past the center of your forehead. Straighten your bangs using a style brush or a straightener after creating the gorgeous curled effect with rollers.

Hairstyles with Bangs for Square Faces

6. Thin feathery bangs

Bangs are a wonderful choice for a square face since they soften facial features and smooth out all those edges. Side-swept bangs draw the focus away from the corners of your face and onto your eyes. Your forehead will appear thinner as a result of the chopped-off corners, highlighting your powerful features. If you like long hair, simply add side bangs to your current style. Your hair will appear lighter and more bouncy as a result. For example, feathered bangs fall nicely along your cheekbones. Avoid blunt bangs at all costs since they will add additional straightness to your face, which is already straight enough.

Hairstyles with Bangs for Square Faces

7. Tousled medium Layers with bangs

Another stunning mid-length cut with blunt bangs and enhanced balance for facial symmetry is made with a few ruffled medium layers. Bangs that skim the brows can lengthen the face, which is especially effective for persons with narrow foreheads. You’ll instruct your hairstylist to preserve the softness in the mid-lengths and produce a fashionable square-faced hairdo.

Hairstyles with Bangs for Square Faces

8. Center part with Baby bangs

Bangs as part of a totally natural hairdo are all the rage right now! This hairstyle is suitable for women with a square face shape and may be worn on a daily basis. How to wear it: The emphasis here is on being entirely natural rather than on over-styling. However, in order for that entirely natural appearance to look excellent, you must take care of your hair on a daily basis. When hair is healthy, it may appear great even if it isn’t styled.

Hairstyles with Bangs for Square Faces

9. Razor cut lob with front bangs and unique coloring

Pay special attention to the volume at the roots while styling your hair. This will adjust proportions and make your face appear longer. To create the idea of an oval face, use smooth waves and round out the transitions between textures. Consider coloring individual locks or opting for ombre if you’re deciding between coloristic approaches. Make sure the colors don’t have any distinct limits between them. The effect you want to achieve is one of softness and smoothness.

Hairstyles with Bangs for Square Faces

10. Classic ponytail updo with front bangs

Despite the fact that many women dislike this combo, bangs look amazing with classic updos. They can be stylish and refined, yet with a young atmosphere rather than a rigid one. What is the best way to style? Make sure the updo is smooth on the sides and slightly teased on top. Combine this with slightly messed-up bangs on the side and two longer strands on the top to emphasize your square face.

Hairstyles with Bangs for Square Faces

11. Long Layered Locks With Side Bangs

Adding side-swept bangs to hairstyles for square features is a tip that we appreciate. As you may have guessed, it’s a terrific technique to soften the contours of your face while also adding an intriguing touch to your overall appearance. It’s no secret that it gives you a fashionable and dreamy appearance. Consider adding layers to your hair to make it more interesting. Lightness and ease will undoubtedly manifest in your appearance, and after appearing so wonderful on you, it will undoubtedly become your hallmark haircut.

Hairstyles with Bangs for Square Faces

12. Side-Swept Bangs

Bangs may be a component of a very soft and elegant hairdo that softens the lines on a square face. Curl your hair in charming, relaxed curls. Part it on one side and brush the bangs to one side using a little hair wax on the tips of your fingers. The uneven yet soft bangs look amazing as well.

Hairstyles with Bangs for Square Faces

13. Curly and Voluminous

Because the characteristics of a square face are already so linear, straight hair may be somewhat unforgiving. To lengthen the face, Tricomi recommends rocking your natural curls, taking out a curling iron or just adding volume at the root with a product like the Suave Luxe Style Infusion Volumizing Weightless Blow Dry Spray ($5). While short layers might draw attention to sculpted cheekbones, larger layers that fall over the face’s edges can actually conceal the breadth of a strong jawline.

Hairstyles with Bangs for Square Faces

14. Thick Razor cut Bangs with Lob

Bangs and a long wavy bob With these beautiful, short, thick bangs, she looks stunning. How to wear it: Part your wavy bob in the middle and gently curl it using rollers. Wear bangs that are as natural as possible for your facial shape. Despite the fact that many women dislike this combo, bangs look amazing with classic updos. They can be stylish and refined, yet with a young atmosphere rather than a rigid one. To bring out the best features of your square face, pair it with messed-up bangs and two long strands on the side.

Hairstyles with Bangs for Square Faces

15. Wispy Bangs and Wavy Hair

Long layered wavy hair with bangs frames a sharp square face well! How to wear it: Make your hair extremely long and thick by using hair extensions. Curl your hair using a hair straightener, then comb it through to make the curls seem loose and relaxed. If your hairstyle doesn’t come naturally puffy, you can tease it a little to add volume.

Hairstyles with Bangs for Square Faces


For square faces, bangs may be a very nice and practical alternative. Bangs are adorable, lovely, and always fashionable. Every year, the world obsesses over at least one bangs hairstyle. But, at the end of the day, the ideal option is to choose a hairstyle that compliments your face shape and preferences.

No matter what face shape you have, you can sport any sort of bangs if you style it and embrace it!

January 18, 2022