15 Exciting Hair Color Ideas for Dark Skin African American

You are of the dark African American skin complexion and looking for a hair color that well suits you. It is true that not all hair color suits all skin tones. A lot of people have always spent long-time evaluating hair colors available and matching them with their skin color.

You might be having this idea of going blonde, but the outcome might not be appealing as you may have wanted. One bad thing about going with the wrong hair color might make you end up looking like a clown or something of that sort.

On the other hand, you might lose the confidence of walking with your heads up and tell yourself, “I know I look gorgeous”. We have got you covered for when you need to know the hair color that perfectly suits your dark African American skin color. Below are 15 exciting ideas to help you choose the right hair color.

1. Bleached Yellow Blonde

Bleaching yellow blonde hair color will make a lot of difference when matched with dark African American skin. When you seriously consider this, it will flatter a dark skin which will make one not look complicated in public. It will make one look so stunning, a little trick to make this hair color awesome is keeping your hairnot over an inch long. If you want to look classy and young at the same time go with this hair color choice.

Hair Color Ideas for Dark Skin African American

2. Brown

Keeping the hair on the sides of your head short and the top hair longer can also be trendy sometimes. If you want to go red, go with a more vibrant variation with a bit more on the brown side, but the red pops out enough so that the brown just blend into the skin tone. This is great for anyone who wants to have curls and coils so that they can achieve great height and volume of hair. To make it have the new trendy look, maintain the roots of the hair uniformly dark.

Hair Color Ideas for Dark Skin African American

3. Burgundy Hair Color

Considering so many hair colors available out there, this one is so close to black thus making it easy to blend with any dark skin and still look so natural. Adding various haircut styles to the sides of the head with this hair color makes it so extremely impressive. The secret to this hair color that will match a dark-skinned African American is to keep your hair short and uniformly dyed.

Hair Color Ideas for Dark Skin African American

4. Purple Short Buzz Cut

Purple is always a match to the dark colors. This purple color enhances the appearance of African American skin color. The texture of the hair is straight and regular conditioning and shampooing are needed to help maintain this hair texture. The hairstyle can also be made to be of uneven color to ensure that the purple hair is faded and to ensure that one looks amazing. The buzz cut is also added to the faded purple color to create a new look.

Hair Color Ideas for Dark Skin African American

5. Toasted Ombre

Going lighter at the tips of your hair can be your desire too. Toasted ombre shade incorporates the best of warm and dark tones. This shade is on a medium-dark skin tone. Keep the roots of the hairnaturally back and the curly cream blonde color starts as a fade off till it acquires its full color at the tips of the hair. The hue is kept natural and the lightened up ombre hair color is kept free from brass by the use of shampoo and a conditioner system.

Hair Color Ideas for Dark Skin African American

6. Black Purple Medium Hair

In this combination of purple and black hair color, the outcome is stunning and so daring at the same time. Besides the versatility given by the shades of purple hair,one shade of hair color is not enough. The stylist should mix up both hair colors to create something special. A mixture of both colors to your dark African American skin brings out perfection, looks natural, and requires little maintenance.

Hair Color Ideas for Dark Skin African American

7. Dark Roots Blonde

Going blonde can be a little bit tricky for a dark-skinned African American skin. To achieve the best hair color, you can go with something in-between blonde and brunette. Here the dark roots are kept to the height of an inch or two. Then the rest of the hair is kept a light shade of blonde. By leaving the hair roots dark, willmake it look intentional but not like you missed a hair appointment.

Hair Color Ideas for Dark Skin African American

8. Golden Blonde

Being naturally golden blonde is so rare. To a dark skin, African American having short golden hair is the best alternative out there. Of course, keep your hair short, and to make it a little bit styled make your side hairs of your head short and a little blonde hued towards the top of your head. The top hair should be a little bit longer and purely golden blonde not forget to style your hair by making them a little bit messy and styled to the side.

Hair Color Ideas for Dark Skin African American

9. Dark Auburn Hair

Auburn hair ranges in shades from medium to dark. Having dark African American skin matches with many hair colors one of them being this dark auburn hair. Making auburn ringlets out of them gives this hair color sexy and classy touch. The hair is kept at a neck height especially if you are a long-necked lady to enable you to show off your beautiful neck.

Hair Color Ideas for Dark Skin African American

10. Long Purple Hair

Dark African American skill is an added advantage when it comes to choosing the perfect hair color. If you want to extraordinary long purple hair is an alternative. This color never goes out of style and taste especially when styled to be curled. This will probably catch the attention of everyone who looks at you. In reality, when you’re dyeing your hair it gets damaged, to avoid this hydrate your hair regularly to keep it nice. You will never go wrong with this hair color.

Hair Color Ideas for Dark Skin African American

11. Chestnut Color

Chestnut hair color helps in growing lighter thus will be used to reflect the long summer days and their warmer temperatures. This color style fades seamlessly and goes great with warm to cool undertones, dark African American skin is one. This hair color is then to be hued from raven to mahogany and finally to chestnut. Make it smooth and straight and its length to flow well over the shoulders showing off the subtle jagged cut layers through the front and sides.

Hair Color Ideas for Dark Skin African American

12. Black Bob

The black bob is the best option if you have fine, straight hair. This is the exact case with the dark African American skin complexity. They have a medium to fine density, and this is the reason why this will work well with a bob. To achieve this the hair is blown and a straightener is used to dry the hair out and to also iron out excessive kinks or bad hair. To ensure that you maintain a good-looking bob keep it just above the shoulders.

Hair Color Ideas for Dark Skin African American

13. Honey Brown Highlights

This color combination is so simple and also stunningly beautiful when combined correctly. It’s a mixture of two colors brown and black but the dominant of the two colors is black. It is meant for the dark African American skin color because it matches with dark hair. To the ladies of this originality, it enhances their complexity and warm smile. This hair color creates the right impression especially for someone who wants to be outstanding.

Hair Color Ideas for Dark Skin African American

14. Purple Perfection

This is described as just doing unicorn hair color on darker skin. For dark skin with cool and warm under tones going with a deep violet hue will be the perfect decision. Purple is a color of magic and mystery. To distinguish you from the other variety of purple colors, ensure that your hair is long enough and that its color is purple right from the roots. This will produce a magical touch when blended with dark skin, a captivating experience everyone has always admired.

Hair Color Ideas for Dark Skin African American

15. Pink Hair Color With Dark Roots

The most natural way possible of wearing pink hair is to keep the roots of the hair natural. Having darker roots will make the vibrant shade not look foreign by acting as a blend between the dark skin and the pinky color. You can also make sure that your hair maintains good health by moisturizing hair. There are several tweaks to a pinky hair color that you can try out, one of them being activating curls in your hair.

Hair Color Ideas for Dark Skin African American


Having gone through the list of the above hair colors choosing the right hair color for your dark skin African American should not be daunting task it seemed like anymore. Having a dark complexion altogether is an added advantage, your dark skin is always glowing and attractive. We hope that going through the above list your next hair appointment would be so exciting and more enjoyable. It will also boost your confidence since you will know that the hair color that you’ve chosen at the moment will perfectly fit your skin tone.

August 16, 2021