15 Attractive Hairstyles with Bangs for Long Faces

Hairstyles with Bangs for Long Faces

It’s more than just following your whim when it comes to choosing a haircut. “Why the lengthy face?” is a joke you’ve probably heard before. Is it possible that it was a touch too pointed since you have a long face? Fortunately, you have one of the most adaptable and easy-to-flatter face shapes of the lot. Know that bangs are your closest buddy, that framing your face is a form of enchantment, and that your face shape is a fan of all lengths.

No matter what style you choose, the greatest haircuts for long faces aim to balance out your characteristics. Long face silhouettes, on the other hand, aren’t one-size-fits-all. Consider yourself to have an oblong face shape if your jawline is more square than round. If it prefers an oval face, but it’s longer, it’s longer, but with a softer chin and more bend to the sides than an oblong face. These hairstyles for long faces, no matter which category you fall into, will be your most attractive ever.

1. Waves with Bangs for Long Faces

On a heart-shaped face, wavy hair and playful bangs may produce a dynamic look. Jennifer Garner is another A-lister who can help you find fantastic hairstyles that fit your figure. This is a gentle appearance that avoids harsh, jagged layers and short, blunt-cut bangs. It’s really romantic and has a lot of style possibilities for both day and night.

Hairstyles with Bangs for Long Faces

2. Sleek Bob with Cropped Jagged Bangs

The sleek bob with clipped V-cut bangs is one of the most daring short hairstyles for long faces. It has a unique and quirky appearance that entirely changes the form of your face and looks best with all-over hair color. The bob comes in a wide range of styles, and the traditional bob is also a good choice for this face type. This is a sleek and classy appearance that will never go out of style. It’s also flattering on ladies of all ages.

Hairstyles with Bangs for Long Faces

3. Piece-y Medium Length Hair

Medium hairstyles appear to be on everyone’s wish list these days. If you have a long face and long hair, a medium cut will brighten up your appearance. Request choppy layers and a fringe of bangs from your hairdresser for the greatest results. To hide your cheeks, you can trim lovely long bangs. The mix of a round face and bangs is quite elegant.

Hairstyles with Bangs for Long Faces

4. Long Wavy Hairstyle With Horizontal Bangs

Bangs are the most adaptable and effective approach to balance the proportions of your face. Christa B. Allen wears her bangs straight and graded just below her brows. This feature gives her a very feminine and sensual appearance. The side volume is created by long wavy locks. This disheveled hairdo looks great with an additional shine finish!

Hairstyles with Bangs for Long Faces

5. Rounded Bangs for a Long Face

Your kindness, friendliness, and empathy shine through in this approach. It looks great on long hair with natural waves. Otherwise, a hairdryer can be used to get the necessary volume. The long bob (or “lob”) is a great alternative for heart-shaped faces that want a little additional length. It draws attention to the cheekbones and frames the face, while the layers somewhat soften the chin.

Hairstyles with Bangs for Long Faces

6. Round Face & Long Hair with Bangs

With bangs, thick long hair looks lovely. These offer height and structure to the hair while also adding a romantic touch to the design. If you want to seem polished and spotless, a long, wavy, and cropped hairdo is the ideal haircut for a long face. Curl tiny portions of your hair halfway down the length using tongs to enhance the cut, but leave the ends uncurled and sticking out slightly for a beautiful yet fluid effect.

Hairstyles with Bangs for Long Faces

7. French girl Curtained Fringe

It’s no secret that the globe is a little enamored of all things French. The cuisine, the wine, and the decor… However, according to Pinterest, we’re all lusting over Parisian haircuts right now. In Australia, savings for a “French haircut” have climbed by 430 percent in the last year, indicating that everyone is looking for that elusive French je ne sais quoi.

Hairstyles with Bangs for Long Faces

8. Bardot bangs

Alexa Chung’s style is a wonderful example of Bardot bangs. She wears them with a center parting that is more distinct. You may accomplish the same thing with a section that is slightly off-center. Her side bangs are a little longer than Rachel’s, but the result is the same: a more oval-shaped face.

Hairstyles with Bangs for Long Faces

9. Wispy Bangs for Thick Hair

Bangs are just what thick, full hair with a lot of volumes requires to transform it from ordinary to beautiful. They give voluminous hair a lovely, well-balanced look. Front bangs, especially jagged or choppy bangs for a wide face and large forehead, may look fantastic on a round face. The undone look is the essence of cool right now. The curtain fringe, the jagged, shoulder-length bob, and the textured, untidy, undone finish are all key. So enticing, so unique!Wispy Curtain Bangs. Brigitte Bardot made this hairstyle famous in the ’60s and now it’s hot again. Curtain bangs are usually long, layered, and center-parted, creating a sexy frame for your face with a focus on your eyes and cheekbones.

Hairstyles with Bangs for Long Faces

10. Light see-through bangs

The concept behind these bangs was excellent. Bangs, bangs, bangs, bangs, bangs, bangs, bangs, bangs, Neither her eyes nor the rest of her lovely face. Liv Tyler’s blunt bangs seem more natural, with a length that touches the bottom of the brows, a somewhat thinner bang, and more choppiness on the ends to soften.

Hairstyles with Bangs for Long Faces

11. Bangs for rectangle and long face

Almost any sort of bang will look well on a woman with a rectangular face. Try the long two side bangs, for example, and allow their length to approach your mouth. Alternatively, build big layered bangs to the side of your face, covering a huge section of your face. The rectangular face looks great with strong front bangs. That’s why they’re ideal for folks who wish to make a statement while yet being feminine. These bangs are normally a little longer than the conventional blunt fringe, and they usually terminate at the lashes.

Hairstyles with Bangs for Long Faces

12. Curtain bangs

Fringe, which was popular in the 1970s, is making a big resurgence. Like a set of curtains, these bangs start short in the center of the brows and grow longer toward the corners of the face. The lengthier pieces mix in nicely with the sides of your hair, resulting in a more forgiving grow-out period, as Brook points out. However, they still cover the majority of the forehead and lend attention to the long, straight haircut. Really lovely.

Hairstyles with Bangs for Long Faces

13. Straight bangs

Jessica Biel is evidence that bangs may help balance out lengthy facial features. Wearing bangs directly across the face is a popular look. For added softness, add some somewhat longer strands on the sides that reach your cheeks. Every day, the world shouts for Jessica Biel, but this haircut is extremely noteworthy. Short jawline bobs produce architectural lines that attract attention away from the face’s length.

Hairstyles with Bangs for Long Faces

14. Curtain bangs with graduated sides

Sister, close the drapes. These curtained bangs are so adaptable and exciting that we’re itching to get them cut. They’re rather thin, which would be OK if not for the way the hair falls back at the crown and on both sides. They’re also tapering in an unsatisfactory manner. Brushing her hair down so it falls straighter and flatter, and cleaning up the bang lines so they’re blunter and more graphic, might salvage this.

Hairstyles with Bangs for Long Faces

15. Textured bangs

These are cut similarly to blunt bangs, but the stylist will point-cut vertically into the ends to achieve that feathery fringe. Also known as “wispy bangs,” “choppy bangs,” or “Birkin bangs” (courtesy of the enviously effortless Jane Birkin), these are cut similarly to blunt bangs, but the stylist will point-cut vertically into the ends to achieve that feathery fringe. Jane Birkin was the queen of full fringe, and bangs are the bread-and-butter of the long face. These bangs, which are straight across and skim the brows, are always attractive for long face types.

Hairstyles with Bangs for Long Faces

The Bottom Line

Bangs are one of those haircuts that may completely transform your appearance, especially when you consider the many forms of bangs. It’s no surprise that discussing whether or not to have them has become a symbol (or even a parody) of a major life change—after all, who hasn’t texted “Should I get bangs?” to everyone in their contacts after a breakup?

Bangs may completely modify your face shape and play up your greatest features, as well as fulfill that craving for a change. Soft, wispy bangs, for example, can help balance out sharper jawlines, while dramatic side bangs can give fuller features more dimension.

Of course, don’t feel obligated to follow these guidelines. You can wear any sort of bangs no matter what face shape you have if you style it and embrace it.

December 24, 2021