14 Hottest Big Braids Hairstyle Ideas for 2022

Big Braid hairstyle

Most of us enjoy having our hair braided, but not as many are fans of the fact that many designs, such as micro braids, require you to sit in a chair for many hours. We may lack the patience to sit still for half a day, so this season, gigantic braids are the go-to style.
Because jumbo braids are so large—hence the name—they don’t take as long to braid as smaller braids, and they don’t weigh down your head as much. And, if you’re lazy, you’ll be relieved to learn that giant braids are also simple to style and look fabulous no matter what you do with them.
Now that you’ve decided to jump on the jumbo braid bandwagon check out these 14 trendy jumbo braid looks and save your favorites to send to your braider.

1. Big Knotless Box Braids

This first pic shows Beautiful Black Triangle Braids with a splash of pink color. These large braids save you some pain of sitting for hours on end to get that perfect tribal look. You can still get your clean tribal look with style and a random spice of color to boot. Try this gorgeous variation of box braids and save yourself some money and time while getting an awesome protective hairstyle to last week.

2. Big Braids Bob

We all love to get hair braided, but if you are one of the impatient women or with a hectic schedule, there is only so much time you can have your ass in that chair, no matter how sweet the gossip is. Jumbo braids are a Saviour for your kindness because they don’t take half as long as microbraids. Braided looks like this are familiar, like short bobs for box braids. Get a shoulder-length style with a middle part for a great professional and casual look combo.

Big Braids

3. Box Braids with Ring Accessories

This hairstyle would be the perfect pick for anyone looking for a more low-key traditional braid that is also easy to install. The style itself is not so lowkey given the choices of accessories which are not at all familiar, the rings. The blend of gold wire and braids in the black hair also contrasts different levels of glitter in the hair. There is, however, an insanely attractive minimal vibe to this look.

Big Braids

4. Big Braids for Kids

Next, we checked out this cute and girly style drawing inspiration from fairy tales and children’s love stories. You can draw inspiration for your adult look from this teen lovely do or do this for your child. Whichever the case, you want to make sure you add the right kind of accessories to match your color and style preferences.

Big Braids

5. Big Fulani Braids with Accessories

Many braiding hairstyles are packed with large and thick braids and weave in all sorts of patterns, but few styles are as identifiable and famous as the Fulani braid. It’s a tribal trademark that almost anyone can pick up with beginner-level knowledge of braided hairstyles. Stand tall and proud of your African heritage with this west African-inspired trend.

Big Braids

6. Thick and Neat Radiant Crochet Twist Braids

It would help if you first comprehended what crochet braids are before you can plunge into the current crochet braid hairstyles. Knitted braids are hair extensions stitched into your natural hair using a latch hook. They are not to be confused with box braids or twists. The extensions will be applied once your natural hair has been braided into cornrows.

Big Braids

7. Box Braids With Curly Ends

Beaded big box braids are all the rage right now. All you have to do now is add some beads to your box braids after your hairstylist has finished plaiting them. You may opt to add beads to all of the braids or just a few of them to create a unique and eye-catching design.

Big Braids

8. Large Braid Ghana Style

There is no shortage of African-inspired trends to borrow from in this category, and we have all seen the many types of accessories and styling options. However, this Ghanian style beats all in terms of simplicity and clarity. There is not too much clutter, just beauty and simplicity for a sophisticated look.

Big Braids

9. Small and Big Box Braids

Big box braids and a few tiny box braids could be part of your big box braids hairstyle. In any case, this haircut is still highly striking. To accomplish this hairstyle, all that is necessary is a hairdresser that can plait both the large and tiny box braids.

Big Braids

10. Normani Goddess Braids

Songstress and hair goddess Normani is redefining jumbo braid hairstyles, and so can you. Although the Jumbo box braid isn’t a new hairdo, Normani is putting her spin on it and leveraging her platform to establish a whole new trend. Everything she creates goes viral, and this gigantic box braid hairdo is just one of her many recovered trends. If you’ve always wanted to try this look but needed some more motivation, look no further.

Big Braids

11. Elegant Two Braid Style

Here we have two giant braids for a pretty and confident woman. If you want to try something different from mainstream braids, it is for you. If you’re looking for substantial cornrow hairstyles, you’ve come to the right place. This style is stress-free and time-saving. Two large cornrow braids are simple and offer you a pleasant manner.

Big Braids

12. Cute Waist Length Braids

Hundreds of civilizations have developed their braided hairstyles and their interpretations of individual hair braids. Single braided hairstyles and solitary braids have been popular for a long time and are not about to fade away anytime soon. These are the kinds of hairstyles that will provide people who get the chance to wear them with both originality and variety. Braids are a fantastic hairstyle that fits any personality.

Big Braids

13. Big Braids with Fanned Out Ends

Flora Coquerel is a model and beauty pageant winner from France. She is the 85th person to hold the title of Miss France. In this photo, her unique and gorgeous hairstyle is suitable for anyone with medium or short hair. It’s simple and classic like many braided hairstyles, but it brings life to hair, highlighting her beauty.

Big Braids

14. Simple All Back Braid With Bun

Women can wear a simple all-back braided hairstyle for any occasion. It’s also less stressful than other braid hairstyles, and you won’t have to worry about your hair getting in your face. This look is excellent with a pattern or plain all-black look.

Big Braids

Final Thoughts on Wearing Big Braids

Braids are trendy right now, from neon box braids to “Lemonade” braids. When are they not, after all? This low-maintenance protective style comes in various colors and lengths, and it’s a fun way to try out new looks.


How long do big braids last?

Jumbo box braids are popular among women because they may last up to eight weeks. We’ll show you how to take care of and maintain your braids, so they last a long time. With so many style possibilities, you’ll be able to create a variety of outfits for every event.

How do you make big braids last?

With Jumbo Braids, a lot more of your hair is on the same braid, and you want to avoid frizz and fray at all costs. You want to oil your scalp without creating a product buildup. It’s a once-in-a-week kind of thing or whenever you feel like you are drying out. Avoid washing them.

How do you style bulky braids?

You can add extra flavor by bringing out some strands of braids in front or adding accessories.

March 8, 2022