Tips to Grow Hair Faster
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13 Best Tips to Grow Hair Faster

Everyone desires long hair, isn’t it? There are specific things you should do in order to attain long hair. You no longer have to spend money purchasing ineffective products for your hair. Here, we will give you important and proven tips to grow your hair faster than expected. Check out the below tips on how to grow your hair:

1. Visiting your Dermatologist

Tips to Grow Hair Faster

Have you tried different products in vain about growing your hair? If yes, consider visiting your dermatologist. A dermatologist is an expert specialized to help people with different skin conditions. Mostly, stagnant hair growth might be attributed to scalp problems. Therefore, dermatologists will exam your scalp and hair at large before advising you on the way forward. There are instances where lack of hair growth is attributed by lack of specific deficiencies and low thyroid, among others. Afterwards, your dermatologist might recommend injections or medication to help rectify these problems. Visit a dermatologist immediately you identify any hair growth problems. Early diagnosis might rectify the problem and prevent further damage.

2. Considering Hair Transplant

Tips to Grow Hair Faster

Have you ever considered hair transplant to help you attain faster hair? Hair transplant have come a long way. In fact, some celebrities have enhanced their hair growth through hair transplant. No one can differentiate between hair transplant and genuine hair. Generally, hair on the back of your scalp is transferred to the crown of the scalp. Hair from the back of your scalp can rarely be affected by any hormonal change. As a result, you are assured of fast hair growth. Please note that your transplanted hair will grow the same rate as the normal hair.

3. Gently Handle your Hair

Tips to Grow Hair Faster

Please note that how you handle your hair determines if your hair grows fast or not. Do you have a habit of incorporating braids and tight ponytail? If yes, you should avoid these trends if you want your hair to grow fast. These two hairstyles generally stress your hair follicles. This can make your hair fall out after continuous plaiting these hairstyles. Therefore, adopt different hairstyles after every three months. This gives your hair some breathing space. A change of hairstyle has also been linked to increased hair growth. You should also be gentle when washing your hair as it can be break in the process.

4. Be Cautious on the Shampoo you Use

Tips to Grow Hair Faster

As we all know, there are different kinds of shampoo you can use purchase in the market for your hair. Some shampoos are hair friendly, whereas others contain harmful substances such as sulfate. Always checkout the components used in the preparation of shampoo. Try your best and use thickening shampoos. Thickening shampoos can greatly increase the volume and length of your hair. Most of thickening shampoos are known to swell hair follicles, thus increase your hair volume on your head. Additionally, shampoo helps eliminate different dirt from pilling up on your scalp. As a result, your hair easily attains all the vital nutrients.

5. Don’t overwash your Hair

Tips to Grow Hair Faster

Cleanliness is one of the essentials needed for fast hair growth. Washing your hair cleans your scalp from different types of dirt, which when can hinder hair growth. Regular hair wash also helps in the distribution of natural oils. However, some people overwash their hair. Overwashing ranges from aggressive hair scrubbing to washing your hair now and then. Aggressive hair scrubbing damages your follicles by making them weak or even break. Washing your hair now and then can deprive off your hair natural oils, which protect your hair. Natural oils also support the growth of long hair by strengthening hair follicles.

6. Give your Scalp Attention

Tips to Grow Hair Faster

Do you know that the help of your scalp determines the growth rate of your hair? Dermatologists state that a lot of people don’t pay attention on their scalp. Scalp can dry up causing hair breakage or build up dirt if neglected for a long period. Oil, dandruffs and hair products can build up in a specific region on the head. This bars the hair from properly growing. Therefore, regularly massage your hair with shampoo while washing it. This stimulates hair around the scalp to increase in terms of growth. Massaging your scalp also distributes natural oils, which increases your hair growth rate.

7. Avoid Overdoing your Hair with Dry Shampoo

Tips to Grow Hair Faster

Dry shampoo is used to wash off any product build up, eliminate grime and any dirt. In most cases, some people apply the dry shampoo on their hair and leave it for a while before washing it off. There are instances where some traces of dry shampoo are left to accumulate. This can clog your hair follicles, leading to damage and inflammation. Based on this, the rate of your hair growth will be stagnant. Therefore, avoid using dry shampoo every time you bath. This will prevent unnecessary build up, making your hair growth rate increase.

8. Investing in Heat Protectant Products

Tips to Grow Hair Faster

Do you regularly use heat products such as curling iron, straightener, curling iron and blow dryer, among others? These products use heat when styling up your hair. The use of excessive heat can damage your hair. This is the reason you are encouraged to adjust the setting of the heat. Set a reasonable heat levels, so that it doesn’t destroy your hair follicles. In such instances, invest in a good heat protectant products. These heat protectant products ensure that direct heat doesn’t get into contact with your hair. In addition to all these, evaluate the number of times you adopt heat oriented hairstyles. Regularly adopting these hairstyles pose numerous risks on your hair such as breakage and damage, among others. Hair experts encourage you to give your hair some break before adopting heat oriented hairstyles.

9. Wearing a Hat

Tips to Grow Hair Faster

Do you spend a lot of time outdoors? If yes, make an effort of protecting your hair from direct UV rays that can damage your hair cuticles. This heat penetrates directly on your hair, draining off its natural oils. Try your best and regularly wear a hat. A Hat will protect your hair from these UV rays, which can slow down the growth rate of your hair. Wearing a hat ensures your hair is properly nourished, thus enhancing its growth rate. Additionally, a hat minimizes the risk of getting exposed to free radicals. Free radicals can destroy your hair cells.

10. The use of a Humidifier

Tips to Grow Hair Faster

As we all know, humidifier is recommended for people who live in locations with dry air. It is used to hydrate hair. In the process, people with dry hair can greatly benefit from using a humidifier. Humidifiers are capable of repairing damaged hair and hydrate it at the same time. This enhances the rate in which your hair grows. Hydrated and healthy hair grows faster when compared to damaged and dry hair. You are encouraged to use a humidifier, especially during the cold months. Our hair is exposed to numerous risks such as breaking, getting damaged and being frizzed during cold season. Moisture retained by your hair because of using a humidifier enhances the production of natural oils by your scalp. These natural oils ensure your hair follicles remain strong and healthy as they grow.

11. Learn How to Manage Stress

Tips to Grow Hair Faster

Emotional, mental and physical stress can reduce the rate in which your hair grows. This can get worse and result into hair loss. Therefore, you should avoid stress at all cost and have enough sleep in order to grow your hair fast. Dermatologists and doctors at large have successfully proven that stress alters your hair cycle pattern. This is the reason you should engage yourself in stress relieving activities such as working out, meditation or yoga. Don’t allow stress to accumulate in your body. Always find a way of getting rid of stress before it accumulates to the extreme levels.

12. Consume a Healthy Diet

Tips to Grow Hair Faster

Eating a healthy diet is the secret towards increasing the growth rate of your hair. Our hair requires different types of nutrients to attain healthy hair, which will grow at a high rate. These nutrients range from Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Zinc, omega 3 fats and Iron, among others. Look for meals rich in these components to enhance the rate at which your hair grows. Your hair follicles should be properly nourished to grow strong. Ensure you consume at least healthy meals each day to enhance the rate in which your hair grows.

13. The use of Supplements

Tips to Grow Hair Faster

There are numerous readymade supplements you can use on the market to increase the growth rate of your hair. These supplements contain different nutrients. These nutrients can deliver instant results within a short period. In fact, a lot of people prefer these supplements because they are safe.

Don’t damage your hair by investing in harmful hair products in order to attain long hair. Try and use the above tips to increase your hair growth rate. These tips are being used by numerous people across the globe everyday to growth their hair faster. Don’t be left out. Choose any of the above tips today.

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