10 Awesome Chest Tattoo Designs for Men

Are you looking for a shouting masculine tattoo that screams of manliness and accentuates your well-toned physique? If so then you want to go for a bold chest tattoo. They are as manly as ink gets and literary scream for attention on that public beach or pool party especially if you go all the way topless. The can also be concealed but here are more reasons why you should consider chest tattoos as a man. But first here are some pitfalls that you must avoid to ensure that you don’t fall victim of a half-assed design that will leave you drowning with regret.

Commons mistakes when getting a chest tattoo

  • Trendy tattoos
  • A girl’s name
  • Cheap fake tattoo
  • Tattoo under the influence
  • Misspelled tattoos
  • All tattoos you will generally regret

Chest placement choices

The male chest much like the back offers a wider canvas for your design even though it is not necessary to fill it with aimless ink. It’s an excellent area to get a huge detailed piece but small ones look even better on the same broad surface given proper planning. A huge design can be a challenge and a daunting task and if you push your artist they might not do their best. You also have to consider how the design interacts with all your existing ink like a badass sleeve tattoo that hugs the shoulder.

Making the right choices

The real task is in finding the perfect image and matching that to an artist who can pull it off. Once you have a meaningful tattoo that you are sure you will always want to have, there is no better canvas than the chest to showcase it.

Whether you settle for traditional or modern, here is some inspiration for you. Enjoy our top ten picks.

1. Ancient Sundial Chest

Clocks are generally interpreted to mean life and the shortness of the same or even death. We might be oblivious of time but despite this, it really never stops. One day, each and every soul living will one day die and leave the body and it’s only a function of time. So what better way to mark passage of time than with tis original clock that works as long as the sun shines and you are still on the planet? The black work is excellent and the roman and other ancient writings are a cool addition to this masterpiece. It’s a classic!

Chest Tattoo Designs for Men

2. Bird, Rose and Skull

This chest tattoo is a picture of a thousand words with a unique blend of several tattoo styles and objects. The bird, rose, eclipse and skull all have unique meanings and this man decided to bundle them together to tell a story rather than just make a statement. Notably, the artist to do only half the mask introducing the cracks and other intricate shading details to create some special design. You can tell this takes time but it is aesthetically worth it even without uncovering the mystery of the entire story.

Chest Tattoo Designs for Men

3. Owl Chest Tattoo Design

This next piece depicts a sketched owl spanning its wings across the man’s chest from shoulder to shoulder. The owl looks easy to draw like it is made out of sticks and has one bad eye. The entire design appears fashionable and unique. It is more than meets the eye to implement this simple tattoo but perhaps you can tell that the final piece is a rare find. It’s artistic and choose one of the most significant tattoo animals ever, the owl. The owl means wise, knowledgeable and transition. The owl is also thought in some cultures to the guardian of the deceased and possesses the ability to communicate with the dead.

Chest Tattoo Designs for Men

4. Waves Crashing

Sometimes all a man wants for a chest tattoo is something simple like a wave tat to reminding them of the ocean or surfing. Life is a little bit like surfing in the sense that we are all waiting for that big break when we can catch the next wave. This particular image is simple and has that unique fluidity in the design with no breaks and little shading. The 3D effect of the wave crashing out of the triangle shape is a big eye feast. This tattoo might be for you who is going on a voyage or generally love the sea.

Chest Tattoo Designs for Men

5. Tribal Chest Tattoo

Unless you want to cover your face with the mandala patterns, the next best placement for a tribal tattoo is next to your heart. The tribal tattoo is really the best kind of body art to show off your warrior physique and well-toned body. This piece is made to accentuate the man’s contour and will not diminish like portraits. A tribal tattoo is not merely an aesthetic enhancer but a flashy display of manliness only earned by accomplishing a level of growth and courage.

Chest Tattoo Designs for Men

6. Name

Sometimes it’s worth going the extra mile, to have your name etched on the right surfaces. In this case, a chest tattoos. This piece shows a name calligraphy chest tattoo with date in roman numbers. The crisp black font with a cartoon character is really all there is to this full chest tattoo but it is sure to consume quite some ink and time. You have to be sure with this bold move as the ink covers most of the upper chest area. Luckily, the entire art is concealable under an ordinary sweat shirt.

Chest Tattoo Designs for Men

7. Chest Mandala

Check out this next simple but adorable mandala inspired tattoo. The artist uses simple geometric patterns with circular outlines and sharp pointy edges on the inside to create circular figures following the man’s chest contours. This creates a well-toned chest and the entire art seems to auto-fit the chest nicely. These lines are exceptionally done to look straight given that the chest is not a flat surface. You can tell from the clean cut design that this piece was done by a master and will give you a refined classic if you are able to match a tattoo to the right expert artist

Chest Tattoo Designs for Men

8. Birds Chest

This strange piece show sinister black birds competing for some material mid-air. It is called the twin raven mythological symbol. One bird has the beak open while the other looks on but seems to have the upper hand in the fight or confrontation. The beauty of this tattoo is in the intensive and distinctive black shading on the feathers of each bird. There is some construction of a shape made of circular arcs in the middle of the piece. Birds are inseparable with the symbolic meaning of life of heavenly creatures and everything higher ideals and knowledge.

Chest Tattoo Designs for Men

9. Praying Hands Tattoo

This piece shows the power of prayer with two hands in the prayer gesture and a rosary. In Japanese, prayer hands could mean thank you but this context with the rosary, it is obviously religious. Rays of light emanate from behind the hands perhaps showing how prayers are able to bring light into the person’s life. Praying could be for asking forgiveness, thanks giving and supplication. There are times when we put aside all the worldly ways and seek the one true maker for his healing hand. That’s when such a tat comes in handy.

Chest Tattoo Designs for Men

10. Water Lily And Beautiful Line Art Design

Yes, men too can adorn their chest and neck with beautiful floral designs and get away with it. There is a gender bias that beautiful designs are reserved for women tat enthusiasts but that is not the case if you find the right artist. This design is manly and downright gorgeous to look at. This piece combines mandala with simple flower portrait of a very symbolic flower. It is able to stay afloat in muddy pools and give forth the most gorgeous and clean flower. The piece is meditational with perfect symmetry and bold color scheme that is ideal for male ink.

Chest Tattoo Designs for Men

Chest Tattoo Design Ideas for Men

April 11, 2020